Monday, 3 August 2015

Moving to London + My Plans + My Lifestyle + More....

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I am in the kitchen eating something that I don't feel I should call a 'curry,' but was inspired by the idea of making a curry. What I made was completely oil-free and yet, it's perfect. This got me to think about my life next month and the months/years following that.

Honestly, I haven't felt my best this summer as I am living with family and my family doesn't eat the healthiest of foods. I really miss feeling awesome all the time and always being full of energy. I also miss cooking for myself and sorting out what I eat through out the week and having access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

I haven't mentioned this on any of my blogs, but next month, I'll be moving to London and I plan on eating even much more healthily than I did back when I was in the west country. I plan on eating more raw foods than I did before and I ate at least on raw meal (usually dinner). I plan on waking up in the morning and having a melon for breakfast or a bunch of mangos or a papaya filled with clementines, apples, berries and passionfruit, coming back from school or wherever, in the afternoon and having more fruits or a nice, healthy home-cooked meal and having a huge fruit and veggie salad for dinner.

The thing is, London is an expensive place. This got me to think of how I can continue this lifestyle and make it even healthier without being broke often. I started looking at nearby farmer's markets, looking for a nearby Morrisons, online stores that deliver fresh and organic produce to people living in London, such as PlanetOrganic, et cetera. All of this could still be very expensive.

Here's where my curry-like dish comes in. Some of the ingredients I used were frozen. Therefore, this meal cost less than a pound and was also relatively quick to make and the ingredients had already been chopped up (and had nothing added to them). As some of you know, some frozen produce tend to be cheaper than the same products, but when they have not been frozen. Also, freezing produce prolongs its shelf-life and keeps the food fresh and with its nutrients longer.

So, I have decided that I am going to purchase quite a number of frozen produce and for the items that are cheaper to buy not frozen, I will purchase and keep them in a freezer till I need to use them. I have also decided that I will buy quite a number of unripe produce if they are on sale and ripen them at home and of course, eat out and order food as little as possible too.

If I do order food as I know I will some times because I know I did it this past year and I wasn't even an architecture student then, I will order and support vegan restaurants such as Juicebaby.

I plan on 99% of what I eat being vegan. Why I did not say 100% is because I know that if I go out with friends, if I can't find a vegan meal on the menu and wherever we're eating can't make the food vegan (for some reason), I will eat vegetarian food. Also, I don't plan on telling my family that I might be going vegan as they still haven't accepted that I am vegetarian and haven't accepted how I eat yet and my grandfather actually offended me yesterday when he said something about "how I should eat." So, if I can cook my own food while with family, I will and if I can't and there happens to be vegetarian food available, I will eat as a vegetarian.

So, yeah, I've finished eating my curry-like dish and I think I've pretty much said all I thought to say in this blogpost (and more) so, I'm going to end here.

I will upload a few more posts this week.
Talk to you then.


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