Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Single Diaries: Introduction

Early in the week, I was on the tube (London Underground/metro/subway), which is a place where I get ideas for what to blog about and save for future reference (when I actually have time on my hands to blog) and I happened to type up on my phone, "The Single Diaries," which was an idea for a new segment on the blog where I, and possibly a few guest bloggers, can freely talk about things we have learnt from being single and things others can learn from it.

After getting off the tube, I honestly forgot about this idea as I had a long day at uni and that repeated every since.

"ANYWAYS"..... I saw some headlines about a Tiwa Savage interview and put off watching the interview because in general, I am not a fan of Nigerian music and I know little to nothing about Nigerian musicians. However, after seeing a Facebook post by a friend talking about the interview and tips for single people, I remembered what I typed and saved on my phone and I decided to listen to the video while I work. I'm 23mins into the 45mins long interview and yeah.....real soon, The Single Diaries is going to be a new segment on this blog.

I will try my best to pre-write blog entries whenever I'm free (or on the tube) and talk to you all about this because I'm single and I haven't always been cool with that although I have never wanted to date just anyone for the sake of not being single. In this segment, I will share my story with you and I will let you know what I have learnt from being single, what you can learn from it too and how you can see that being single, right now, is not the most horrible thing in the world.

I hope you enjoy this new segment/series.

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