Monday, 4 January 2016

My Favourite: Youtubers (Food Edition)

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I love YouTube! I watch at least one YouTube video every day. You have to agree, YouTube is not only entertaining, but it's also informative and at times, educational.

I have been inspired by quite a number of YouTubers, especially when it comes to my lifestyle choice (mainly in the food department). So, without further ado, here are my favourite YouTubers!

  • FullyRawKristina
  • Rawvana / Rawvana English
  • Jenny Mustard
  • Mango Island Mamma
  • CookingWithPlants


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    I always look forward to their videos and nowadays, I look forward to Jenny's the most (and MangoIslandMamma) as I discovered her most recently, she is a minimalist and her food always looks really good. She also mainly makes cooked vegan dishes (so does Anja on CookingWithPlants) and as I live in ye ol' England, I like to have warm-hot cooked vegan meals especially in the evening (I tend to be raw vegan for breakfast on most days). Jenny is also such a sweetheart. She is one of the sweetest YouTubers, in my opinion. When you read her replies to your comments, be it on Instagram or on YouTube, you can't help, but smile.

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    Yovana (Rawvana) just started eating cooked food after being raw vegan for 3 years. She has nothing against raw veganism. She just happened to start craving cooked food and decided that at long as it's still vegan, she can give into the craving, but still follow a high-raw lifestyle. She has awesome raw vegan recipes on her channel and hopes to record and upload some cooked ones in the near future.

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    Kristina (FullyRawKristina) has been a raw vegan for over 10 years now, if I'm right. She is the queen of raw veganism, in my opinion. Her food always looks amazing, she always looks amazing and she is proof that a raw vegan lifestyle is not going to lead to you looking sickly. She is vibrant, beautiful and the definition of healthy.
    Oh! And Kristina's book is coming out soon so order your copy! I preordered mine a few months ago and can't wait to get my hands on it!

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    Ellen (Mango Island Mamma) and her husband, Andrew, and their kids, Elvis and Sandy, are also the definition of healthy. Ellen is a huge inspiration to me. I must say that she is one of my role models especially when it comes to parenting and raising healthy and smart kids. Elvis is the smartest, most loving little boy who looks SO SO HEALTHY. Sandy also looks SO HEALTHY. Both of them have been raw vegans since birth, but I believe Elvis has had some cooked vegan foods a few times (but he seems to follow a high-raw lifestyle). Ellen has a blog ( which is so informative and so useful. She has blog entries for new mum and just for vegans in general. 
    I am not married, neither do I have a kid (I don't even have a boyfriend :')), but when I do get married and start having kids, I feel like I would be prepared for it, especially when it comes to my children's lifestyle as I plan on raising them as vegans.

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    Anja (CookingWithPlants) seems so sweet. Her food always looks delicious and I actually look forward to watching her videos practically every day. I like that she makes foods like pizzas and other things like vegan roasts. The comments on her videos from people who have followed her recipe always seem to be positive and everyone talks about how delicious the food they've made (from following her recipe) tastes. I love that Anya gives alternatives to some of her ingredients as she cooks because it is a lot easier for us viewers. If we don't have tamari, instead of commenting, "what can I use instead of tamari?" and waiting for a reply or going on Google to look up alternatives/substitutes, we just have to pay attention to what Anya's saying being she'll give alternatives as she's talking. So, she might say something like, "you'll need to add one-fourth of a cup of tamari to the mixture, but if you don't have tamari, you could use soy sauce."


    I hope you enjoyed reading this!
    Check out these YouTubers and follow them on their social media. You won't regret it. They're awesome!


    Jenny, Yovana, Kristina, Ellen and Anya, if you're reading this, in case you haven't already figured it out, I love you all so much. You all have inspired me and have helped in my journey from being constantly sick, anaemic and suffering from chronic headaches to being healthy and full of energy. It has been a year and a half since the last time I needed any form of medication (including paracetamol) and it has been almost as long since I overcame anaemia. Thank you so so much for all your help. Love you loads!!


    1. ooo just found this post ! thank you so much for putting me on your list, and for all those kind words ! this really made me happy :)

    2. ooo just found this post ! thank you so much for putting me on your list, and for all those kind words ! this really made me happy :)