Monday, 1 June 2015

What is my shopping like?


So, some of you might be wondering what I eat in a day and what my shopping's like. So, I decided to sort out a shopping cart or two online. The edible items in these shopping carts are meant to last till....Sunday or possibly Tuesday depending on how often I prepare my own meals (hmm.....they may last for a fewer amount of time then).

I normally spend between £29 and £40 a week on produce. That is a lot, I know, but I call it an 'investment in my health.' You see, I used to get sick ever so often so, if you look at the hospital, medical centre bills and what's not, on the long run, this lifestyle would be cheaper compared to me being sick ever so often without it.

Okay! Here's my shopping cart for the next few days! :)
(p.s I may or may not add a few more things to the carts before I pay for the items)

Okay! So, I just added two items to the Morrisons order. They were 1 litre of Morrisons' 100% Fruit Orange and Raspberry juice and 1 litre Morrisons' 100% Fruit Clementine Juice. They each cost £1.29. When I buy juices from a grocery store or supermarket, I only buy these (meaning that I only by juices at Morrisons) unless I am getting a green juice to drink if I am physically in a grocery store/supermarket. I buy these juices because they are not from concentrates, they do not have any ingredients added apart from actual fruits. So, the clementine juice is freshly squeezed clementines and the orange and raspberry juice are freshly juiced and there are a few more fruits in that one. I buy these juices especially because they're clean, they're nice in smoothies and some times, I just need something sweet to sip on while working and can't be bothered to make a smoothie.

Yeah! So, that's what my shopping carts are like for the next few days/week. I get good discounts at Morrisons when I go to the actual store and I have a Match&More card too so, although the cost of the produce is this high, I tend to spend much less some times (for example, I once got such a huge discount that I spent just £6 on my shopping at Morrisons).

That's all for now!
I'll write again soon :)

p.s I may seem like I'm advertising Morrisons and yes, I think they're an awesome supermarket so I am letting you know about them. However, Morrisons was in no way involved with my deciding to make this blog entry and they do not know about it.

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