Monday, 25 May 2015

Product Review: SaunaFit Exercise Wrap

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So, I have been trying out this product by SaunaFit for about a month now. I will walk you through what the product is said to do and my opinion of this product thus far
Okay? On y va!


Price - £14.99 (equivalent to $23.19)

What it's said to do: increase body temperature during daily activities and exercise, as well as increase perspiration for a more effective workout. The yellow textile inner face is designed to retain the water removed from the body, while the black face outside is designed to stay dry for a comfortable exercising experience.

Does it do what it says?:
I will have to answer this with a, "yes." Whenever I took off the wrap, my abs felt rather warm, warmer than usual so, I'm guessing that's a sign of it increasing my body temperature. However, I didn't see any perspiration like the ones in the pictures for this product until I went grocery shopping and quick walked all the way to the store and back (a week or two ago) and did a workout that included going on the elliptical machine, running on the treadmill, running up and down stairs and pushups today. From just dancing about for about 5-10 minutes, I did not see any perspiration after taking off the wrap. My shirt always remains dry at the parts where the wrap is in between it and my skin too (even though under the wrap is sweaty).

My initial thoughts of this product:
When I took it out of its packaging, the first thing I noticed was its chemical-y smell. It wasn't overpowering, but it was noticeable. The product fit perfectly and kind of forced me to sit upright a lot. I usually sit upright and walk "like I have been practicing with a book on my head" (according to my friends), but sometimes (rarely), I slouch (not when walking or standing) and I felt this product stopped me from doing that each time I felt like it. Initially, I expected to see the perspiration from just daily activities and not including working out (I have really been slacking with working out due to my exams (which ended on Wednesday). As you might be able to tell, I didn't see any of the perspiration, however, my abs and back were warmer than the rest of my body.

Things I do not like about this product:
During my second week of using this product (or the end of the first week), the areas it covered became very very itchy. I did not break out around there, but it was so itchy I had to scratch or use an exfoliating brush on it for some relief and I did not like that. Parts of the product have began to split. The threading of the material (not where it's joined together, but the material itself) is loosening up, coming apart....
For the last week of using this product, it hasn't sat as well on me as it did when I originally bought it. I could say that this is due to "exam weight" (the little weight I put on during the exam season), but even with this "exam weight," I am still in the size range for the size of the product I am wearing.

What I like about this product:
It does what it says with staying dry as I hate feeling sweaty, it seems to be increasing my body temperature and it fit perfectly well during the first few weeks of me trying it out. It also makes me feel like I have worked out a whole lot more seeing the sweat when I take off the band.

Would I buy this product, the SaunaFit Exercise Leggings or SaunaFit Exercise Top?
Yes, yes and no.
I will buy this product because I kinda like it, although it is splitting (which I don't really like). As for the exercise leggings, I love working out in leggings and if they do what they say, "why not!" I like being toned. Now, now, as for the top! I am kinda busty. I wear a DD bra. I feel like the top will make me feel uncomfortable and kinda suffocated. Also, increased perspiration in the boob area doesn't sound the slightest bit pleasant to me. I hate sweat and being sweaty on my back, face, et cetera. Boob sweat?? Now, that's just nasty! (in my opinion). On a more serious note, I don't feel I need the exercise top because I don't feel I need to work on anything in that area (upper back/chest area).

Rating out of 5 stars - 3.5

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