Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sammy's 100: My Workout Challenge (Update!)

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So, in case you didn't know this, I am doing this challenge with you and I'm here to talk about my results thus far.

I added some weight over the past month because I wasn't working out as often and I was usually in a sitting position and....yeah..... from checking out my body today, I have lost most, if not all the weight I added as my body looks awesome and pretty in shape (although I'm still working on flattening out those lower abs some more).

I started off this challenge doing a hundred of each move before switching moves, but some day I decided to HIITify it (made up that word hehe) and decided to do 20 reps of each move before switching moves and doing a total of 5 rounds of 20 reps of each move with no breaks, pushing myself hard and pushing myself even harder by going faster especially with the high knees and jumping jacks from the 4th round. Guess what! I broke a sweat!

I don't know if you guys were experiencing this too, but doing just a hundred of each move before switching moves, I was even breaking a tiny smidge of a sweat. Now, I'm actually sweating which is awesome and yet, not awesome at the same time because I hate being sweaty although it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something.

Besides doing this challenge, I do a plank, 10-20 pushups and 10-20 tricep dips with me hands up on a table (I hate tricep dips especially using a raised surface) and then some toning moves with 1.5kg dumbbells. I just hold a dumbbell in a hand and bend to the side till my hand's by my knee and do 10-15 reps of that on both sides (and then to the front and back), raise an arm holding a dumbbell up and bring it down to my knees while raising my leg up sideways. I do 10-15 reps of these too and to the front and back as well and then some times, I do one or two other standing oblique crunches and 5 reps of each of those. Nothing big, nothing to break a sweat.

And yeah, I have been having awesome results and I can't wait to get to day 30 of this challenge! My first challenge! I am so happy with how this is turning out and who knows, maybe I'll come up with a whole new 30 days workout challenge in May/June or a 1-2 days detox challenge or something!

Another thing, I'm interested in going to the UK Fruit Fest this year as it's just an hour away from the city I live in and mum, if you're reading this, I plan on calling you and dad some day soon to let you know about this and give you guys more information about it and seek your approval. If I end up going to the fruit festival, I'm going to do my annual detox there despite the 1-2 days detox challenge I might do with you guys.

Anyways, keep working out! Keeping eating right! Keep caring for and loving your body!
~Sammy :)

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