Monday, 16 February 2015



So, here's an update

Okay! So, I completed Cassey's challenge. Y'all knew I had taken it on. HOWEVER, what you didn't know was that I also took on a 30 day 6-pack abs workout. It lasted for 32 days instead of 30, so yeah, they lied to me, just like Insanity did :(. ANYWAYS! I completed that 30 day hoohaa, but not with a faint 6-pack. I didn't really expect to have it in 30 days, but it would have been awesome to. My arms, legs and core did become much stronger and toned during the days I did Cassey's challenge and these 6-pack workouts which is awesome so, yeah.
I slacked for about a week and a half after completing the 30 day 6-pack abs workout series. However, I'm back to working out. I've taken on the P4P abs workout in the 'how to get a six pack' series and it's going okay so far. Well, I just started it today. It doesn't take up much of my time, which is awesome because I have other things to do like draw and study besides keeping fit, healthy and getting that faint 6-pack.

FOOD! Now, now, so I was craving a whole pineapple, honeydew melon, papaya or watermelon so, this girl, on her way to the train station to pick up her ticket (after running some other errand in town), stopped by Morrisons and bought a pineapple. I like cut that pineapple down the middle, got a spoon and ate right out out of the pineapple. No need for plates and other hoohaas. It was yummy and satisfied my cravings.
Also, Morrisons delivers to my school now, which is awesome. However, it means that I would be a bit more lazy as walking down to Morrisons and walking back with heavy bags in both arms was my weekly long walk, exercise thing. I do have to admit that it is easier and less time-consuming for me to just order now as I am getting busier, but to compensate for losing that long walk, whenever, I have the chance to walk anywhere, I do. For example, I visited Musgrove hospital (I wasn't ill, in need of a checkup or anything like that) and I called a taxi because I wasn't sure of how to get there. So, a taxi dropped me off over there. When it was time to leave, I didn't call a taxi, I decided I was going to walk as I had recognised an area we drove by on our way to the hospital so, I found that area and then, because I thought I might get lost and the way we drove down there wasn't the safest for walking, I took a much longer route back to school. It was a nice walk that led me over a river (pedestrian bridge) and through a park and it was refreshing. Another example is when I need to run errands in town like to go to the bank or pick up emergency items and stuff like that, I would rather quick walk than call a taxi and lastly, when I have the chance to run from place to place in school (usually in the evening), I RUN.

Back to talking about food, I'm still eating a lot of fruits and veggies and whenever I check my inner eyelids, I see that I am far from being anaemic again. I love my fruits and veggies and thanks to them and God, I have been healthy and I did not catch the bug that had been going round in school and in case you didn't know this, I share bottles, spoons, forks and cups with people.

So, yeah! That's the update! :)

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