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Menstrual Cramps: How to get rid of this awful visitor and more

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Hello, hello, hello!

So, this is a post all about how, my cramps got flipped-turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became relieved of a thing called a cramp.

Cheesy, I know. :) 


Serious talk here. Cramps!

I suffered from cramps for years! The cramps I had were so bad that I would feel like I'm losing consciousness when I try to shower and I would be pretty much immobile. I wouldn't want to eat, I'll just want to try to sleep so my mind could be off the excruciating pain. I'm sure you can imagine how happy I was when I stopped getting cramps.

The thing is, not only did I stop getting cramps, I became full of energy whenever I was on my period. That's crazy, right?

So, let's discuss (well, not really discuss, as I would like to keep this short) some methods of relieving cramps that are often given as advice to people with bad cramps. These are: quitting caffeine, taking pain killers and exercising.

These did not work for me. Nuh-uh. Why? Well, well, well, I don't drink coffee or things with caffeine as I hate the taste of coffee and I have a pretty low caffeine tolerance (crazy central with that restlessness and jumpiness and stuff). I haven't had pain killers in about 6-7 months now and I plan on sticking with this medication-free lifestyle. Also, when I did take pain killers for the cramps, they didn't help much, I could still feel the pain so why should I be putting a lot of chemicals and stuff in my body for nothing? Exercise! Y'all know I love to exercise! :) However, when I had cramps, I felt ever so sick and like I was going to puke out my intestines (graphic, sorry) whenever I tried to workout and I always felt awful and dizzy afterwards if I was able to go through with a workout.

Okay! So, now, let's switch to what has worked for me.


Ever since I started incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into my life, I have been cramp free. Well, apart from a time I was home or something and didn't have access to as many raw fruits and veggies as I would normally eat and well, that was proof of this working to keep cramps at bay.

I'm guessing that the raw goodies eliminating toxins and other nasty stuff from the body and cleansing it had something to do with keeping the cramps at bay. I don't know much about the science-y bits of this as I'm just talking from experience.

Imagine this: from being immobile, in so much pain, crying, from cramps, you're like all hyped up to workout, you feel like you can like do the entire Insanity workout (like for the whole 63 days) in one day because you feel like you have that much energy, you're happy, running, jumping, yup!

Honestly, I forget I'm on my period at times, now.

So, this is what has worked for me and many people who have gone raw vegan or incorporated loads more fruits and vegetables into their lifestyle (like exceeding the whole 5 a day thing by a mile).

Another thing I've noticed is that most of the people who have said that they believe this is why their cramps have gone are on a plant-based diet (vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan) and even some of the vegetarians have said that cutting out dairy has helped too. I'm allergic to milk, but I still eat dairy every now and then (especially when nothing else is available) so, this has worked for me without completely eliminating dairy (although I avoid eating a lot of things containing milk).

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