Friday, 24 October 2014

I'm Baaaaaack


So, I'm sorry I took this blog down. I was just pissed and stressed out and.....anyways, I'm back and I'm the healthiest I have ever been! :)

Here's a quick update on my life thus far:

  • I have overcome one of my allergies! Yay! Isn't that wonderful? :)
  • My weight is good and I am actually not worried about my weight right now. I like my body and I like where I'm at right now. Like even when for some reason, I feel bloated, I know by morning, I won't neither would I look bloated.
  • I am full of energy and like no matter how late at night it is or how tired I am, I can drop and give you 20 pushups or 100 squats or sit ups!
  • I haven't worked out as much as I used to because of stress and school and performances. However, I have started ensuring I do at least 100 squats and 50 pulses in squat position without breaks in between at least once everyday and also, some push ups. I seem to love pushups now and for a while, I was working out only my arms because I just like working them out. However, I was forced to remember that I need to workout my entire body especially my thighs and abs which aren't as toned as I'd like them to be right now. My arms look awesome flexed. Those biceps are on point! I can also balance on just my hands a little longer than I've ever been able to without spraining my wrists. That's amazing! Now, I'm just working on toning up everywhere and getting a faint 4-6pack :)
  • I eat 4-6 times a day now. Yup! Not 2 or 3 anymore. Now, I eat 3 cooked meals and 1-3 raw vegan meals a day and I snack on raw fruits and vegetables and I seem to have a newfound love for Medjool dates so I love nibbling on them whenever! :) The raw fruits and vegetables help with digestion and bowel movements and it just cleanses me from the inside out.
  • My skin looks awesome! I still get 1 or 2 lil zits towards that womanly month of the week, but once that week's ending, the zit(s) go and I'm left with awesome skin again. Mind you, I still have dry skin that peels in some areas if not moisturised after a few minutes out of the shower. It takes a bit longer before it starts peeling now and not all the places that peeled on my face are still peeling. I lock in moisture on my skin using just raw, extra virgin coconut oil now and as for my face, I use coconut oil on my lashes, lips and eye lids and organic shea butter (sent over from Nigeria by my grandmother. bless her) on the rest of my face. I use very little of the shea butter because I don't want a shiny face neither do I want to darken my face as my mum gets a dark film on her skin from shea butter and I've heard of some people darkening from it. So far, I haven't darkened. I don't use the coconut oil on the rest of my face because, as once mentioned on this blog, I seem to react to it on all other parts of my face (same with my cousin).
  • Also, I'm going to end here as this is getting very long, I am no longer anaemic, I don't get dizzy, daily/frequent headaches or any of those things anymore! I am not excessively tired all the time. My immunity is up! Like the old me would get sick once someone coughed or sneezed around me, but now, people are getting sick at my school as a bug is going round and I feel just fine! I even went to the health centre to visit a friend who was very sick and I'm still fine! I haven't seen a doctor or nurse because I've been sick since the whole detox and lifestyle change! I haven't had any medications or supplements whatsoever! Even vitamins and paracetamol! Nada! I don't need them! I am healthy and I am happy and I'm glad my parents seem to be accepting my lifestyle and vegetarianism a little more now that I've been updating them on my health and everything. I wish I had learnt more and done more research on my diet and all that when I stopped eating meats as I could've reaped all these benefits a long time ago! It's terrible always being sick and now, I'm happy not to be anymore! It feels awesome being healthy for once! :)

See y'all later!
~Sammy :)

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