Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 7: 10 Days Raw Vegan Detox

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So, you must have noticed that I switched this detox up to 10 days long. Why? It's not because I miss cooked food so much. It's because I miss eating with my family, my mum heads over to Nigeria in 2 weeks and on the same day she does, I head back to where I live when school is in session (I'm getting back a few days early). I don't want to have just a few days of eating with my mum and the rest of my family here this month. My sister is also coming over in a few days and I would love to eat with her. Also, I feel like I have fully detoxed. I feel really good right now, I look really good right now, so I don't really see the point in going that much longer with this. So, day 8 is going to be raw till 4, day 9 is going to be raw till 4, day 10 is going to be raw till 4 and day 11 is going to be 'eat-raw, eat-cooked, do-what-you-feel-is-best' and so on. I really enjoyed this detox, believe me.

Anyways, breakfast was 7 English plums and a handful of blackberries both freshly picked from my garden and a banana, my snack during the day consisted of 3 English plums and a large orange later in the day (around evening-ish) and my dinner consisted of.....this was SWEET......some nature's candy.......about half a medium-sized water melon, two large oranges and 2 slices of lemon (ate up, and then I made a lovely, awesome, drink which I poured into a wine glass with a lemon over the side of the cup. The drink consisted of some watermelon, 2 large oranges and about half a lemon. Nothing went in a juicer or blender. Everything was either squeezed out with my hand and a far in the middle (the citrus fruits) or by just mashing it up in a cup with a fork (the watermelon). IT TASTED AWESOME!!!!

My mum said that raw vegan was not interesting, but that drink was beyond interesting. She had a taste before she went to bed (and I hadn't even added the lemon yet at that stage) and she absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tah-tah for now

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