Friday, 8 August 2014

Lifestyle Post: Me-Time and Stress Relief

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Ever felt so stressed out, ever gotten into loads of fights with the people you live with or gotten easily annoyed with them for days straight? You need a break. Okay? This break doesn't have to be going away for weeks or months. You can still live under the same roof as the people you've lived under the same roof with, you can still live near your work. So, how do you get a break if you're still near what you need a break from? You get some "Me Time."

'Me Time' is something I started incorporating into my life this summer. I decided to start having 'me times' because I was stressed out having to take care of my brother and little cousin (13yrs old) and do loads of school work and be annoyed by both my brother and cousin. I needed to get away from them to keep my sanity and to keep fighting at bay. So, what I did was go to the drawing room (which is a room in a large house where guests can be greeted and entertained), lie down on a couch or on the nice, soft rug we have a few feet away from the fireplace (which doesn't have a fire going in it), have  pillow under my head and a laptop or phone near me. For a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of however long I desire, I stay in that room with no disturbance from anyone. I just spend time with myself.

By having a 'Me Time,' you are getting all that bothers you off your mind for a bit and just relaxing. You'll notice that you will feel much happier after 'Me Times,' you'll reason better and be calmer in situations that would've normally gotten you all worked up.

My advice. After reading this, in a few hours or even tomorrow, spend some time with yourself. Take a break from all the stress and hassle of life and just relax.


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