Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Rockin' Body

It's day 3 of my Rockin' Body workout. I'm not that crazy about this workout because it doesn't make me sweat as much as Insanity did and most of you know that I absolutely hate getting sweaty, but I need to sweat or at least feel some pain or restriction in my body to feel like I am doing something worthwhile. Today was better than yesterday and the day before that because I did sweat today and my tummy finally felt cold when I touched it (I tweeted about cold to-touch tummy's meaning that you're burning fat there).

I have a slight issue with the Hard Core Abs (one of the workouts I had to do today) and that's because I tend to have some weird feeling in my shoulders whenever I move them. I tried that particular workout some time ago and for a week, my shoulders were pretty messed up. Today, I started feeling that weird uncomfortable.....feeling in my shoulders, but it's gone now so that's good.

So far, I consider Rockin' Body to be reallyyyy..... cheesy? (is that the word?) It is fun at times, don't get me wrong. You just have to loosen up a bit to do it and overdo movements sometimes to feel like you're doing something. It also seems rather childish at times, but that can be ignored when trying to loosen up.

I prefer Insanity to Rockin' Body 100%, but I'm not going to stop Rockin' Body till I'm done with all 4 weeks and I'm not going back to doing Insanity (although I may do one or two of the workouts in it like I mentioned in a previous post).

Anyways, I've forgotten all else I was going to say so.....

3 days down!
25 to go! 

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