Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 1: 14 Days Raw Vegan

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Okay! So, it's my first day on my 14 days long raw vegan diet and it started off pretty well with my pink salad which contained pink lady apples, strawberries and fresh basil (yum!). I ate that on my way to a wholesale food produce where I bought 4 gigantic watermelons (couldn't buy less), boxes of other fruits and courgettes (zucchinis).

Once I got back home and stored away what was bought, I cut a watermelon in half and ate one of the the halves. That was torture! Honestly, it was like a cruel punishment. You see, I like watermelon, but this wasn't as sweet as the watermelons I've had recently and well, it was HUGE! I must have eaten over 685.5 calories in just that half of a watermelon! I got bored of eating it after eating a bit over half of that half, but I knew that I had to finish it up so I stopped eating it with a spoon, cut it up and started eating into the watermelon wedges. I got bored of it :/ I got bored of chewing and it just became a total struggle. You see, my throat shuts food out some times like it makes it so difficult to swallow and that topped off with being tired of chewing was horrid so, I brought out a blender and whizzed up the little bit of watermelon left with the 3 cherry plums I had (I had already eaten one earlier) and drank it up. It was easier to drink than chew and it tasted pretty good so, yeah, I can finally say that I've finished half of a watermelon. Half of a watermelon that's larger than my head!

I feel a tad bit sick right now so I'm in bed. I won't blame it what I've eaten because I've been getting this sick feeling from time to time for some days now. I should be fine soon. My body is releasing a whole lot of..... liquid (tmi). Like, it was crazy after eating the watermelon (tmi).

Anyways, I've prepared half of my lunch/dinner. I'm having zucchini pasta! I haven't had raw zucchini in forever so I'm a tad bit nervous. I'll soak the zucchini for a few minutes before eating to get that al dente texture before eating it. The pasta sauce is "marinating." I blended up some carrots, tomatoes, spicy yellow peppers with garlic and a tad bit of water then poured it into a glass cup, covered it up with cling film and left it by the window. I wish I had some onions to add to it, but....oh well.... the sauce tasted good so that's....good. Dinner's going to be a fruit platter of peaches and nectarines.

This is slightly harder than I thought especially with my family making cooked foods I like like chips (made with a frier that uses just 1tbsp of oil) and waffles! Gaah! I'm being strong though. What I don't understand is why it wasn't this hard going on a liquid diet. WHY? LIKE I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE SOLID FOOD! LET ALONE COOKED FOOD!

Anyways, hope I can do this.

My cousin's girlfriend may or may not be coming over this weekend (dunno) and she's pescatarian (a vegetarian who eats fish) and I think she eats pretty healthy too so it'll help if she comes because I won't be the only person okay with eating the way I'm eating. She can join me with a salad or share recipes or something. I hope she comes. Everyone else in the house is a full-on meat eater so it'll be nice to have someone who's diet is this close to mine in the house for once.

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