Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 6: 14 Days Raw Vegan Detox

Picture gotten from Robyn-Cooks


So, for breakfast, I had a peach, a nectarine and about half of a medium sized watermelon. I would've eaten more, but someone ate the fruits I was dreaming about when I went to bed at 5am earlier today (there were at least 5 more peaches). I had a late breakfast because I woke up just before 2pm because I slept so late (work) so my breakfast was basically my lunch. I had a banana or two as a snack after my mum got back home with bananas for me and then 5 bananas, some layers/sheets of cabbage (which was used to make rolls with some of the banana slices) and 2 freshly picked, organic English plums from my garden. I feel like I just had a heavy dinner, but the feeling's only in my tummy. I don't feel that tired or groggy like I would feel if I ate a cooked meal at this time and to the point that I feel full in my tummy.

I worked out in the morning again today and it felt good, what felt better is that I just have 6 days left of Shaun T's Rockin' Body! Woot! Woot!

My tummy (abs) looks good, my arms look good, my skin looks good.
And the weight loss has stopped.....ish.....I lose and add less then a kilogram like plus/minus 0.3kg now. Nothing below or above that. It is a good enough weight and I'm just happy with the results from this raw vegan detox! :)


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