Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day 4: 14 Days Raw Vegan

Picture from Dig

So, yesterday, I ended up having a zucchini salad with one shredded zucchini, a chopped tomato, a third of an onion (chopped) and a third of a yellow bell pepper chopped too. It tasted awesome! For my main dinner, I had a banana and 3/4 of a pineapple. I couldn't finish the pineapple to I saved it for my breakfast. Unfortunately, I didn't get any breakfast till 1:25pm because I woke up, worked out and started getting ready for the day. My breakfast was an extra large peach, an extra large nectarine and an extra large pink lady apple with about 500ml of a banana and (leftover) pineapple smoothie. Yum! I dipped some of the fruit in the smoothie and it totally transformed their tastes. It was amazing.

So, today, I ate raw till 4 because of a family event that expected to eat cooked food at. I managed to eat vegan  by having some fried plantains and a salad so that was good. For a snack before dinner, I had raw spinach with a small clementine and a couple of grapes about 30 minutes later.

I would say that today went pretty well. I'm going back to eating raw tomorrow and on Wednesday, I'll switch back to raw till 4.

My body's still detoxing well and I lost less than a kilogram overnight last night.


p.s I'm really craving vegetarian/vegan sushi, but it's not like I've ever had it before. Dunno, why.

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