Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 3: 14 Days Raw Vegan

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Today started off well! :) I had a salad which contained a quarter of a gigantic watermelon, 2 peaches, 1 nectarine, a few freshly picked blackberries and freshly picked basil and on the side, I had a plate of  spinach and kale (stems on! :) ). I had over 699 calories just for breakfast! That's a good start! :)

For lunch, I'm going to have zucchinis with fruit and I need to remember to soak the zucchinis this time them leave them to air dry (drain out the excess water). I might sprinkle some seeds over them, dunno, I'm not a fan of nuts and seeds.

For dinner, I'll just eat fruit or depending on how busy I get, I'll drink a green juice!

What I've learnt from this so far is that raw foods are not just healthy but awesome and they're like the perfect fuel. Instead of having the groggy feeling after eating loads of processed or cooked foods (especially the rather unhealthy ones), you become so awake and full of energy - read to take on the world! You can also get all your calories and all your nutrients from eating raw and you learn more about what you eat and more about your body and mind and how simple things like the quantity you eat affects your feelings or appetite. For example, I struggle to eat in large quantities. It can take me over 2 hours to down half a watermelon if I'm eating the entire half and I know that I'm eating the entire half because I see it right in front of me and I'm eating it out of the fruit with a spoon. It takes me a little less than that amount of time to eat zucchini pasta made with 3 zucchinis and a raw pasta sauce because I'm eating it all at once in a big bowl and that freaks me out (I don't know how FullyRawKristina eats so much at one go). However, if there's cut up pieces (like wedges cut in half) of watermelon in a tupperware or whatever and it's in the fridge (I didn't cut it, but I know a whole watermelon was cut) and all I have to do is pick one out and eat it and if I feel like having more, pick out another one and so on, I am pretty sure I can eat over half a watermelon in less than 10 minutes.

Being raw vegan is awesome, but I'm not going to stick to it. However, once I'm done with this, I'm going to go back to being vegetarian, but as I always have, I'm going to eat more like a vegan (cooked meals) than a vegetarian. I am also going to incorporate more raw meals into my diet 'cause they're awesome. Maybe I might even become a vegetarian who eats raw till 4. Who knows?

I'm happy.
Keep Smiling!


p.s I have lost about 3kg these past 3 days.
I'm not really concerned about my weight, what I'm concerned about is my health and my weight changes as my health changes. So....that's that :)

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