Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 5: 14 Days Raw Vegan

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Just had a late dinner about a half hour ago (it's 00:07) because I fell asleep after getting back from church and didn't wake up till about and hour or two ago.

So, for breakfast, I had five servings of a cut up watermelon which I think should've been just under about half (horizontally) of the watermelon. I would've had more, but I was running late for church. As a matter of fact, I had to eat in the car today.

Once I got back from church, I had about 3 peaches and 2 nectarines before I tidied up a bit then went to bed.

Like I said, I slept till quite late so, when I woke up, I shredded up a courgette (using a peeler), chopped up a tomato, a third of an onion and a third of a yellow bell pepper, mixed it all up and ate it. It tasted awesome, but I'm not used to eating this late and I'm also a tad bit tired so it was a bit of a struggle to eat at some point and it didn't help that I had quite a lot of water too which brings about that full-feeling.

(Basically, I had too little calories today because of that long sleep)

So, anyways, what I've learnt so far (mainly today):

  1. Fruits taste awesome the riper the are. Like bananas are not really ripe till they're speckled and I didn't know that a month ago. I've started eating speckled bananas and they taste good! Ripe (soft, but not mushy) peaches and nectarines are awesome too and not so acidic. Watermelons also taste better the riper they are!
  2. A watermelon is ripe and ready to eat when you tap on it and hear a hollow sound, when the little stem on it falls off easily or is not curly and when it has a whitish-yellow colouring on its side.
  3. I'm good at sticking to a raw vegan diet which shows discipline. I mean, at church, for the first time, we had vegetarian (and also vegan) meals! We eat together after church and usually, the only thing that's vegetarian is the mashed potatoes. I really wanted the vegetarian samosa because I haven't had one in years, but I stuck to my raw vegan diet (detox) and didn't even taste a tad bit of the samosa. When I'm done with this detox, I'll try to get my hands on a vegetable samosa (and maybe some sushi too). I most likely will get the sushi when I'm doing the raw till 4 again because unlike the samosa, which has whey protein (from milk) in it, the sushi's vegan.
  4. I can feel perfectly normal eating raw vegan. Actually, I feel a bit better eating raw vegan.
  5. It takes less time to make a raw vegan meal than a cooked meal. Yesterday, my aunt was like, "I would eat raw too, but I'm too lazy to cut up what to eat, I'll have to get someone to do that for me because it takes too much time." My aunt cooking yesterday and it took her over an hour to cook. Meanwhile, it took me less than ten minutes to cut up the fruit (three different fruits) I ate for breakfast and to bring the pineapple I cut the day before out of the fridge, peel two bananas and blend them as a breakfast smoothie yesterday. Less than ten minutes to eat all that. It takes ten minutes for me to cook some pasta let alone cooking pasta sauce to eat the pasta with (I love my pasta.).
  6. This detox is working pretty well! Before I started it I had headaches every Sunday and I started feeling really sluggish and crappy after eating. I also felt sick quite a bit. Since I started it, well....I didn't have a headache today, I haven't felt sluggish or crappy after eating (as a matter of fact, I feel energetic), the sickish feeling is not there anymore and when I ate cooked food last night (remember, I was on a 'raw till 4' last night) I didn't feel sluggish or crappy which was good! :)
  7. I can maintain my active lifestyle while eating raw.
Gaah! I don't miss cooked food that much even though it smells good, but I can't wait to eat some cooked foods again. 


p.s My cousin's girlfriend is the only person who seems to be supporting me with this detox. She's pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish) and although I'm not going to start eating fish, I'm going to take on how she eats. She has like a smoothie or salad for breakfast and then cooked food for the rest of the day and I think that's good. A raw meal or two a day is pretty good :)

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