Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 2: 14 Days Raw Vegan

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Today was better than yesterday, but I don't think I had enough calories especially with my active lifestyle. I had a little over 1045 calories today.

So, for breakfast, I had a nectarine, peach and pink lady apple salad. Yum! And for lunch/dinner (was too busy to eat anything between or after), I had over 1.25 litres of a green juice that had peaches, nectarines, a quarter of a watermelon, spinach, kale and basil. I seem to have a newfound love for basil like it's AWESOME with strawberries and it's just amazing with everything when used raw.

Anyways, today, I didn't really feel sick. My body is still releasing quite a lot of liquids and their clear now like as clear as water (tmi, sorry).

I stepped on the scale today and I've lost about 2kg. Like what, 2kg in 2 days?! Wow! My aim for this is a detox not really weight loss, but I don't mind the weight loss as long as I don't lost more than 4kg more.

Oh! and I've decided that for 7 days I am going to eat fully raw and then for the other 7 days, I'm going to eat raw till 4pm. I changed things up a bit because of issues with my family, getting my calories in quickly, social issues with family (I have to go to a family celebration and I'm expected to eat cooked food there) and....well....I'm not used to eating a lot at a time or eating many times in one day so this is a struggle for me. It's hard to get all my calories in. I'm going to continue eating fully raw for 7 days, maybe drink my calories in a homemade green smoothie every now and then because I pack in LOADS of calories in those just so I'm sure I have enough calories every day without having to return to the kitchen every couple of hours to prepare something to eat.

One thing I don't like right now is that there is little to no variety in my house so I'm pretty much eating or drinking the same thing daily (or just switching up or excluding one or two things each time) and that is pretty annoying.

I still plan on eating raw maybe once a week or for most of my meals in a day in future, but then, I would have variety to help because, I am a vegetarian who loves her fruits so give me as many fruits as possible (apart from cherries, I'm allergic to those) and I'll eat them gladly! :)

Day 3 tomorrow! :)

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