Monday, 30 June 2014

Changing things up!


So, I'm changing this up on this blog!
From now on, it's going to be about my diet (lifestyle), fitness and natural skin and body care, okay?

Here's a quick update:

  1. I've completed all 63 days of the Insanity Workout (yup! it's 63 days and not 60)
  2. Shortly after that, I had joint issues. A doctor said that I have a virus that's affecting my joints. Only my knees hurt now, but they're getting WAY better
  3. I feel so useless every night when I don't workout
  4. I've added over 6kg due to being on bed rest for most of the time for quite a while when my shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, and not just my knees, were hurting too
  5. I suffered from medication-induced depression for a while because I was put on all sorts of pain killers that didn't seem to do what I needed them to do (numb/dull the pain). I stopped taking them recently (despite what the nurses at my school's health centre said) and the depression is pretty much gone.
  6. I got sick and when I'm sick, I lose my appetite so I have skipped a couple of meals every now and then
  7. I'm not so happy with my eating right now and that doesn't help with how I feel
  8. Once my knees are perfectly okay, I'm going to start doing the Beachbody Rockin' Body and maybe some HipHop Abs (dunno about the HipHop Abs) and burn off this new weight!
  9. The weight doesn't show that much, but I know it's there and I don't like that.
  10. I'm considering starting a challenge for myself. 150-200hrs of working out a year.
  11. I'm considering doing some pilates till I can do full on, workouts again. My physiotherapist recommends it
  12. Yup! I've been in and out of physiotherapy for about 5 weeks now.
  13. I'll start blogging on here this week.

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