Monday, 30 December 2013


There are 7 essential items of clothing a girl must have. They are, a little black dress, a little white dress, a maxi dress, a pair of comfortable trousers, a belt, a cardigan and a bunch of tops (shirts included).
Well, you can make so many different outfits out of just those instead of stocking up on so many clothes.

Here are some examples:

You could get a maxi dress           And wear a top over it to make it look like a maxi skirt

Finishing it off with a belt round the waist where the top ends.

The same could be done with a little black dress or little white dress

Dresses could also be made to look different by wearing a cardigan over it. You could put a shirt over it, with a belt and a cardigan or without the cardigan.
Also, a formal shirt could be worn under a little black or little white dress to make it look different and still formal (it all depends on the little dress, though (works better with skater dresses).

With trousers. It all depends on what top/shirt is worn and how it's worn (the way it's tucked in). If it's fully tucked in, it looks more refined and formal than if only a small part of it was tucked in or if it's fully untucked.

More pictures later! :)

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