Monday, 30 June 2014

My Obsession with Apple Cider Vinegar

I have a huge, strange and new obsession with a little thing called, "Apple Cider Vinegar." It plays quite a significant part in my life right now. It goes both on and in me and mind you, when I say in me, I don't mean with a salad.

For over a year, I have cleansed my scalp and balanced the pH value of my hair and scalp with apple cider vinegar. I loved its results! Shiny, clean, product buildup-free, soft hair! I never tried using the vinegar for any other thing related to me.

This year (a couple of months ago), I decided to try drinking apple cider vinegar and it tasted repulsive so I stopped drinking it. About a month after I first tried it, I was bored so I tried drinking it again and I liked it! I started drinking it with my green tea (plain and organic) and then with just water. Also, I started drinking over 200ml a day! (diluted, of course)

There was a time I ran out of deodorant and couldn't get to town to purchase some more so I started looking for natural alternatives and apple cider vinegar came up! I lured some on a cotton ball and rubbed it over my armpits every morning after showering. At first, I was in doubt, but would you believe that it actually worked? I used it for about a week or so and my armpits still smelt fresh at the end of the day! Every day!

I then started using the vinegar as a cleanser/toner on my face every night. I initially was using it straight, but then I read something where someone said that it burnt the skin on her face. So I freaked and started diluting it and it still worked well diluted. However, whenever I noticed an annoying zit coming out, I got a q-tip or cotton bud, got the vinegar on it and applied it straight to where the zit was coming out. Let's just say....THOSE ZITS GOT KILLED!

I also have been using apple cider vinegar to clean or disinfect wounds because I am pretty clumsy so I tend to get cut by things or I react to some things. The apple cider vinegar has worked pretty well in that department too!

Now, you might be like, "BUT THAT THING STINKS!" Lemme tell you something, once it dries, the smell goes. If you can't wait for it to dry to get rid of the smell, after about a few minutes of having it on, give it a light rinse and the smell'll go.

I love apple cider vinegar!!
My guyfriends think I'm even more weird and crazy than they thought I was now that I'm obsessed with apple cider vinegar! :)

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