Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Single Diaries: From the Outside Looking In (Learning From Couples)

There is something educational about being on the outside looking in - couples become your teachers without even knowing it.

What made a relationship not work out?

You have case studies almost everywhere. Was the guy controlling? Was the girl rude? Were they just settling for each other? Did they lack trust in the relationship? You can learn from their mistakes in order to avoid making those mistakes, yourself.

For example, if you happened to hear about why Tiwa Savage's marriage ended, you can learn from her mistakes. If you happened to hear about Beyoncé and Jay-Z's marital problems, you can learn from their mistakes. If you heard about Israel Houghton's divorce, you can learn from the mistakes made whilst he was married.

You don't have to stick to married couples. Look at the couples around you, young or old. What makes their relationships work and what makes them fail?

Think about that.
Learn from that.

Use it to your advantage.

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