Thursday, 4 February 2016

Quick Reviews: Restaurants


I'm going to give you a quick review of two vegan/vegetarian restaurants I have had food from - Mildred's and Ethos.




I ordered some vegan food from Mildred's with a friend of mine (not vegan/vegetarian) yesterday. When the food arrived, it came in biodegradable packages and our juices were in disposable cups with clear high dome lids and the cups were wrapped up (not neatly) using cling film. I understand that this was to prevent the juice from spilling around while getting it across to me. There were also no straws, I should add, so we had to take of the lids and just drink out of the cups therefore making the high dome lids useless as a lid without a big hole at the top would have been more suitable.

The food, itself, didn't have the best presentation which made us wonder if we would actually like what we got (a classic burger, chips and a rice curry). However, after the first bite, we both loved the food!

The taste of the food was not overpowering. It was simple, but really good! The texture of the tofu used in the burger was perfect and it didn't taste burnt, although it was the darkest tofu I had ever seen and I did think it might taste a bit smoky or burnt prior to eating it. The chips were so filling! Each individual chip also looked pretty big! The sauces that came with the chips tasted really good, too and although, it was not my favourite, the vegan basil mayonnaise tasted better than I thought it would (as this was the first time I had ever tried vegan mayo). The curry was good too. I did not try the curry (as I had had something similar to it for dinner the night before), but my friend commented on how good it was every few minutes while eating it so it must have been awesome. Lastly, the juices tasted amazing (we tried different juices).

Overall, the food and drinks tasted much better than they looked although its presentation was not a turn off and I am sure it would have been presented better if we went to Mildred's itself instead of ordering in. Would I eat food from Mildred's again some time? Yes, I would! I feel like I can trust their food and I feel completely safe eating their food as in some places, I am a bit wary about eating food due to allergies and sensitivities. (Also, they source most of their ingredients organically, yet their prices are still reasonable).



Ethos is such a beautiful place to eat. However, I have never eaten there. I have visited Ethos a few times to pick up some food and I don't mind the distance I have to walk to get it because I know that I am getting quality food.

When you walk into Ethos, there is a member of staff near the door who asks if you have been to the restaurant before. If you haven't, the staff member explains everything to you. He/She takes you round to see the food, tells you that their names and ingredients are on small cards beside each dish, that the food is paid for according to weight and that you could choose a plate or a selection of take out boxes to dish your food into.

The food at Ethos tastes really good and I love that there's always a wide variety of dishes to try. However, I do not like that unless you have visited the restaurant a few times, you are basically clueless about how much you are going to pay until you reach the till and by then, it will be too late to return anything or to reduce the amount of food you have if you think you are spending more than you budgeted for.

(The presentation of the food is rather nice and the staff are really polite an helpful).

Would I get food from Ethos again? Yes. Would I take a non-vegan/vegetarian friend to Ethos some time? Yes. Would I ever eat-in at Ethos? If I have the time to sit down to a meal, yes, yes, I would.


If you ever visit these restaurants or order from them, let me know what your experience was! 


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