Saturday, 13 December 2014

Juice Bar

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Hey everyone!

Okay! So, first of all, this is not a sponsored blogpost. I am simple letting you all know about a wonderful place because I can't keep it to myself. We should all be healthy and happy together!

So.....some of you know that I school in the south-west of England and well.....I saw a little place called, 'SuperJuice' and it seemed to catch my eye because of all the fruits and vegetables on the menu. So, when a friend felt like drinking something and almost bought a fizzy drink (what some of you call, 'soda'), I said to her, "I saw a smoothie and juice place, why don't we just go there and get something to drink." My friend has been trying to eat and drink healthier so she gladly agreed and we started heading over there. She ordered a cranberry smoothie and I couldn't decide what to order, but I knew I wanted something green so I decided to recall a recipe from back when I first got into green juices and the ladies who worked at the juice bar gladly made a green juice for me following my recipe. I will just say that that juice tasted yummy, my friend tried it and loved it and loved her juice too and the ladies who worked at the juice bar tried what was left in the blender and loved it too! (I felt like asking them to put it up on the menu and name it, 'The Samantha' (and yeah, if for some strange reason, you didn't know, my full name is 'Samantha')). Fast-forward, less than a week later, I headed over to the post office to send off another copy of my portfolio for the school of Architecture (my portfolio originally got lost in the mail) while that same friend went over to Lloyds (the bank) which was about 5-10mins away from the post office. When I was done at the post office, I started walking towards Lloyds, but then just went past it and went over to the juice bar where I saw my friend standing. I ordered a nice green smoothie after not being able to decide what I wanted again and I headed back to school as a happy girl :).

SuperJuice is an awesome place to buy smoothies and juices. They're quick at what they do, clean, and the people who work there are so lovely, sweet and nice, like even if you end up not buying a smoothie, you will leave there happy just from interacting with the people working there.

My advice, if you find yourself in the south west, in either Taunton or Bristol go to SuperJuice! Their juice bar is in town, on the high street in both places.

You won't regret getting something at SuperJuice!

Oh! and they make soups, veg pots and organic porridges too! :)

I love SuperJuice :)


p.s You can find Superfood on their website: and on Twitter: @SuperjuiceBars

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