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Why I Don't Go To The Doctor's or Take Meds Anymore

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So, yeah, to start this off, I will say that I most definitely not telling anyone to go off their medication or to avoid going to see doctors, I am just saying why I don't take meds anymore and why I don't see doctors anymore and please note that I will see a doctor for a blood test some time and if I'm like in an accident or something, I will see a doctor, and so on.

Okay! So, let me tell you a "story." A few of months ago, I had an issue with my joints that suddenly started on a Sunday morning as I got out of bed to get ready 'cause I was performing in a few hours. It was hard to move. It hurt so bad and seemed to get worse. The next day, I went to the health centre where I school and I was put on some pain killers which did nothing to numb the pain. I was put on more of those which did nothing and I also started going for physiotherapy at least once a week as the pain kept getting worse (I had a lovely physiotherapist, by the way :) ). I was given other forms of pain killers afterwards and then I was booked in to see an actual doctor as the pain kept getting worse and the pain killers I had been placed on where doing absolutely nothing to make life easier for me. I saw the doctor, she took 3 vials of my blood (dunno why she needed 3) to test for Lyme disease as I had been in a place known for having ticks a few days prior to when the pain started and the test results came out negative, but the pain persisted. She placed me on other pain killers and yet again, the pain wasn't even numbed. After a while, I went to the health centre, spoke to a duty staff and told her that the pain killers were doing nothing to numb the pain and she said that if that's what the doctor prescribed, I should continue taking them every 3-4 or so hours as prescribed and I couldn't understand why I had to take something that was doing nothing for me. However, it was doing something. It was making me depressed. I was actually going through medicine-induced depression and at first, I didn't know that that was the case. I just became so sad suddenly that I could randomly burst into tears and this was an ongoing thing and not just for a few days. I had had enough. I was like, "these things are doing nothing, but getting me depressed," and depression is a horrid thing. I was furious as my table was full of packs of pain meds (many of 'em), most already gone through, ibuprofen gel (which did nothing too), et cetera. I decided that I did not need any of this. Not the depression, not the medication so, without telling anyone, I stopped taking them and gradually, the depression stopped. This totally put me off all forms of pain meds although I still took a paracetamol once in a long while because of headaches. By the way, the joint issue is over.

Here's another story. I had surgery on my arms some years ago and the surgery failed. Last year, some time at night (around midnight), strangely, where was cut when I had the surgery opened up and like, I had this surgery years ago so it was really weird and confusing. I bled for about 3 hours straight (with the first half an hour to an hour with the blood flowing like a tap a little open letting a little stream of water flow out) and actually went into shock at some point, but I did not call the emergency health centre line neither did I call anyone in authority to come help me as for some reason, I didn't want to wake or disturb anyone. The next morning, I managed to get to the health centre and I was booked in to see a doctor (not the same doctor as the previous story) after the opening on my arm was  cleaned and dressed with a lot of gauze and other stuff. So, I saw the doctor and he said that I needed to have another surgery on my arm. I told the nurses I spoke to earlier and this doctor that I had been to two different hospitals after the failed surgery because I had had issues with my arms and I had been told that if I had another surgery on my arms, the nerves will be destroyed and I will lose my arms and guess what....this doctor didn't care and he let me know that. He placed me on some antibiotics and said whatever about another surgery that I totally disregarded and I left never planning on ever seeing him again as he didn't give a hoot about my life. This coupled with the previous story put me off doctors.

As some of you know, for years I have been on iron pills due to anaemia. These pills at first, made me feel better and then after a while, made me feel drab, I still got dizzy whenever I stopped taking them even if just for a day and yeah, I also started taking multivitamin supplements and stuff to help with the absorption of the iron. In July, I decided to stop taking my iron pills and vitamins, but the plan was just to be off them while I'm at home as I was never consistent with them at home due to my life being in more of a routine while school was in session making it easier to take them daily. In August, I went on a raw vegan detox and by the end of August, I wasn't anaemic anymore. Like, WOW. My health was up, I looked good, felt good, I was full of energy, I didn't need my iron pills anymore! So, I felt, if I can get myself this healthy through natural things, why the heck do I need to depend on chemicals and other things produced in labs? So, I never continued taking my iron pills or multivitamins (I actually through the multivitamins in the bin as I knew I could get all those vitamins and minerals from natural produce and I love fruits and vegetables (esp. the green, leafy ones)).

I decided from then on that I was not going to see a doctor or take any meds (including paracetamol) and then get a blood test done some time to see how healthy I am. I have felt great since this decision as I get all that I need from raw fruits and vegetables (mind you, I'm still vegetarian and I still eat cooked food 3 times a day, but I have at least 1 raw meal a day). If I can get my health this high, high enough that for once, my immunity is at a good level and I don't get sick once someone sneezes around me, why do I need to see a doctor. I'm not sick so what's the point? Quick story, I woke up with bruises on my face last month and was asked to go to the health centre, but I didn't as I felt that I could heal naturally and I most definitely didn't want some chemicals being put on my face. My face is perfectly fine right now. It healed itself beautifully.

Okay, yeah, so this is basically why I don't take meds or go to see doctors anymore.
As for you, if you're like bipolar, schizophrenic or you have some serious ailment or disease, I am not telling you to go off your meds (especially if you're one of the first two). Take your meds, see your doctors when you need to, but improve your health too by increasing your raw fruits and vegetable intake.
Stopping meds and seeing doctors may be the worst thing I have ever done or the best thing I have ever done for my health. I don't know, but I'm leaning towards the latter. I have seen people who have never had to take meds or go to the doctors and people who after doing what I'm doing now (and more drastic things like actually being 100% raw vegan) have gone to get their blood work done and their results have shown that they are SUPER HEALTHY. So, yeah, if you decide to do what I do, do it at your own risk and remember, if you are bipolar, schizophrenic or you have some serious ailment or disease keep seeing your doctor while you increase your raw fruits and vegetable intake.

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