Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Thinking Out Loud: I Want To Do More With My Life

I just decided to start a new segment called, "Thinking Out Loud," which will feature just a bunch of rambling, on my part, as as the title suggests, I will be doing a lot of thinking whilst writing and I'll just pour my thoughts out on this page.

Okay! That's a quick explanation of why the title starts with, "Thinking Out Loud." Now, it's time to think.


I feel like I am not doing much with my life, like I am not doing big and really important things. I see articles or posts by my friends online that show their achievements or grand schemes that they are involved in and I feel like during the time they were reaching those goals of theirs, or finding new and innovative things to be involved in, I have been kind of wasting my time or, in better terms, not doing much with my life.

I know I started blogging years ago and that I have had the opportunity to interview a Guinness World Record holder and a Hollywood actress, but I haven't done that much with my blogs as of recent times. I haven't pushed myself to contact other celebrities and ask if I could interview them, I haven't pushed myself to taking the concept of promoting my blogs to a whole new level, I haven't even bought my own domain (which I hope to do in a few months to a year's time).

I love blogging, I love this blog, in particular, a whole lot, but I guess blogging isn't entirely my passion. I love helping people, not just through my words, but through my actions too. I love going out to feed the homeless and put smiles on the faces of others. I love giving a person a reason to smile after months of being down. I love volunteering in orphanages and learning new skills. I love making those little children laugh, I love having little kids pull me every which way seeking my attention and just getting the love and affection they have been craving from me. I love hosting fundraising events and raising money for a good cause, be it to help people going through cancer treatments, supporting orphaned children or children from poor single-parent families. I love working with and co-hosting events for kids with learning/intellectual difficulties. I love working with kids. I love the feeling I get from making other people happy.

But I haven't done much to do with taking these things I love to a whole new level.

I know I want to start a non-profit/non-governmental organisation, but I haven't done anything to make my dream a reality.

I know that my parents will want me to just focus and "face my books" (said in the thickest Nigerian accent I can muster), but I need to be able to show them (and myself) that I can handle getting a degree or whatever in Architecture as well as doing other things I love to do or starting a non-profit organisation.

I don't want to spend the next five years of my life not doing anything to make a difference in someone else's life. I don't want to spend the next five years of my life waking up, going to uni, sitting down/standing for hours working or listening to lectures and then going home to cook, sleep and repeat the day all over again.

I want to do something more with my life. Something bigger. Something more for others than for myself.

I want to get my degree and I want to get good grades, but I also want to make a huge impact in the life of others.

I want to have kids who can look at what I have been able to do for others and be inspired by them and want to carry on what I have done/I'm doing. I want them to know that it is possible to do these things while being a full-time student and that it is important to help others and not just ourselves. I want them to be motivated and inspired not just by my words, but by my actions.

I want to make a change.

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