Sunday, 13 July 2014

What motivates me to workout

There are a variety of things that motivates me to work out, but what's at the top of the list is:

  • A workout calendar: Now, if I make the calendar, there's a high chance I'm going to switch things up or change things purposely because I feel the power to.What made the Insanity Workout such a success for me was that I was following a workout calendar someone else set and I was following it exactly as written.
  • A mirror: The mirror motivates! I would check my abs and arms out in the mirror practically every day and I started to see a difference. This motivated me because it pushed me to keep pushing on to get to the body I want to have.
  • A camera: Cameras especially the one on my laptop where key in motivating me because I could take a picture and go through all my previous pictures and see the difference in my body so I know I'm not sweating (I hate sweat) and putting myself in pain in vain.
  • Friends: Be it working out with friends or just being able to talk about my workout with a friend, it helped. I usually worked out with a bunch of friends (I don't anymore), but one thing I always did was talk about my work out with one of my guyfriends who worked out too but did an entirely different thing in an entirely different place. We would talk about our results and stuff and even though he thought I was crazy to be doing Insanity, I still had a bit of motivation from 'im.
  • A scale: I'm not one for constantly checking my weight, but after a month or two of working out daily, taking a look at a scale is so motivational because the scale shows me that I have lost the excess weight I put on. It also shows me that I have not put on any extra pounds which is good.
  • Posters/Pictures/Fitness Twitter Accounts: Seeing pictures like the one above totally motivate me not just to workout, but to work hard in all areas of my life. They renew your reason for working out or just simply make you push even harder.

That's all for now.
What motivates YOU to workout?

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