Thursday, 17 July 2014

STYLE: 1 dress + 1 scarf + 1 skirt = LOADS OF OUTFIT CHOICES

Okay! So, the other day, I had some friends over and one of them who's a makeup artist, dresses amazingly and has to MOST AWESOME SHOE COLLECTION said, "I love your skirt!" then was like, "wait! Is that a dress?" I had worn that dress the week before, but as a shirt and I had worn that dress as a dress the morning before I wore it as a shirt.

You see, I can look like I'm wearing at least 3 different outfits from just how I put on a short-sleeved dress and I can look like I'm wearing WAY more with a tube, sleeveless or strap dress. Same with a scarf and a skirt! I can wear a scarf as a dress to an event and no one would ever know that I left my house wearing a scarf!

Unfortunately, I can't make YouTube videos or pictorials right now so I'm just going to look up some awesome YouTubers who discovered this art too and put some of their vids down below!

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