Monday, 7 July 2014

Back to Working Out

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So, I finally worked out yesterday. Yay!

Unfortunately, all I did pilates. I really wanted to do something more intense and as much as I hate it, sweat a lot, but I couldn't. My dad wants me to take it slow while getting back to working out and well, my physiotherapist recommended pilates.

I said that I'm not going to do the Insanity Workout again. However, I do plan on doing Cardio Abs once in a while and it is from the Insanity Workout. I will continue to do Cardio Abs even after I start using my Rockin' Body Workout DVD.

It felt really good to workout, even if just by doing pilates yesterday. I really missed being active. Also, I added about 6kg while I had bad joints and I am SO READY to lose that! I don't like the extra weight and the changes I'm seeing in my looks due to it. I don't think I'm obese because I added 6kg, don't get me wrong. I just want to get back to and maintain my old weight because I looked better and felt healthier with it.

My next post will be on how I plan to lose my new weight.

See you on a different page! :)

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